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It does not pay to be passive about tax. Together with The Financial Advice Experts, your local tax planning advisor can help maximise your income and value of your investments by finding the most effective ways to reduce the amount of tax you pay.

Would you like to:

  • Reduce the amount of personal tax you pay?
  • Maximise the return on your investments?
  • Increase your pension and your retirement income?
  • Minimise inheritance tax on your estate?
  • Utilise your full tax-free allowance every year?

If any of these things appeal to you, then contact The Financial Advice experts today for the best tax planning advice.

What is Tax Planning?

A significant proportion of the money you earn goes in tax before you even see it. While most people would not deny that paying tax is unavoidable, it does not mean you should have to contribute more than your fair share.

Our tax planning consultants are experts at maximising our clients’ income, reducing the amount of tax they are liable to and increasing their wealth. Our registered independent financial consultants can advise not only on income tax, but also on:

Inheritance tax. Effective estate management is not simply about having a robust will; it is about structuring your assets in a way that your beneficiaries receive as much of them as possible without hidden pitfalls to your legacy.

Capital Gains Tax. If you have been fortunate enough to invest in something that has appreciated in value, such as stocks and shares, there are ways you can minimise the amount of Capital Gains Tax you may be liable to if you choose to realise your gainsl.

Non-Domiciliary Taxes. Tax legislation for those who do not live in the UK but still earn money here is hugely complicated. Working with an experienced tax planning consultant can ensure that your non-domicile status is correct and that you do not pay more tax than is required.

Income Tax. It is simple to assume that once an amount has been deducted from your salary that it is gone forever. Our tax consultants can structure your taxable income to optimise the benefits.

Tax Planning In Retirement

Effective tax planning is a vital component in maximising your retirement income. Choosing the right type of pension is a key component, and something you should consider as early in your working life as possible. As with income tax, an expert tax planner can help you structure your finances so that you optimise your tax-free allowance and make sure your income sources are as tax effective as they can be.

Taxable retirement income can include the state pension, interest and dividends from savings and investments, income from rent (for example, if you have a buy to let property), income if you are partially employed or self-employed.

Why pay more tax than you have to? Contact The Financial Advice Experts today to arrange an obligation-free consultation with a local independent financial advisor and let us help you to make the most of your money.

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Meet Your Investment Goals

Investing can be complicated, but we don't think it has to be. As your personal plans continue to evolve through life our panel of financial advisers assess what is realistically possible and put the best plan in place to achieve them.

Plan For Your Retirement

Planning for retirement is a uncertain business and there are many different options available. Wealth managers will help construct a bespoke portfolio to maximise your long-term options through an array of retirement options.

Provide For Your Family's Future

Money can be complicated especially when it comes to planning for your family's unforeseeable future. As markets are volatile there are many things our IFAs will help you to think about - to both protect against and make the most of your wealth.

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