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The Pensions Act 2008 requires every UK employer to contribute towards their employees’ pension, automatically enrolling them in a workplace pension. Most employees who work for you will need to be enrolled within 3 months of their start date.

However, not all pension funds are equal, and there are ways you can minimise the expense to your business while still upholding your duty to your staff. If you are a small business owner, then you need to have a workplace pension scheme set up and ready to use.

Business Pension Advice Service

If you already have a scheme in place, you need to verify whether it complies with the conditions for automatic enrolment. When you arrange a business pension consultation with The Financial Advice Experts, we will assess any pension scheme you have to see how it can be optimised to best fit your business needs. Our local business pension planners will also:

  • Answer any questions you have about your company pension scheme requirements.
  • Identify your staging date and ensure you are aware of what workers you need to enrol and by when.
  • Calculate the amount you need to pay for each employee.
  • Ensure you have the right information to give to your employees.

As leading business pension advisors, our role is to ensure our clients adhere to the law in a way that will give the most benefit to their company and their employees.

The Benefit of Company Pension Schemes

With the right financial advice and guidance, your company pension scheme can be used as an asset to attract top calibre employees who appreciate that you take your investment in their futures seriously.

There are three main types of company pension schemes:

  • Occupational Pension Schemes. Sometimes known as Company Pension Schemes, these are schemes set up by a business and monitored by nominated trustees. The funds are kept separate to the business and not considered a company asset.

Some firms use final salary schemes, where are worker’s pension payments increase in line with their salary. Their pension is based on the number of years they have contributed and the amount their salary was when they retired. Money purchase schemes are a type of occupational pension where a pension amount will depend on the value of contributions made and how the fund’s investments have performed.

  • Stakeholder Pension Schemes. Automatic enrolment laws introduced in October 2012 made it unnecessary for employers to give staff access to a stakeholder pension scheme, although employers still must continue making payments as long as an employee is doing so too.
  • Group Personal Pension Schemes are a type of pension where the employee chooses from a range of funds with varying investment strategies. Most employees can opt to sacrifice part of their salary, tax-free, to top up employer contributions.

While it is not legal for employers to give their staff financial advice (unless they are a financial advisor registered with the Financial Conduct Authority), employers can make sure their staff are informed about the fund and know the potential benefits and risks of making personal contributions to top up the employer contributions you make.

In addition to advising Financial Officers and Senior Management, The Financial Advice Experts can also help businesses by coming into work to answer employee questions and give them advice about whether they could personally benefit from making personal contributions to your work’s pension scheme.

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